We made the annual trip down to one of our favorite local shows today, Unphased15.

Unphased held their second show this year, after the huge success of last year they expanded to a much more suitable and bigger venue this year, Longridge Showground.

We enjoyed ourselves so much last year we knew we had to put on a killer clubstand this time around after winning last years ‘Best Clubstand’ award.

The camera didn’t stay out long but here are our pics from the day!

Unphased_Show_2701 Unphased_Show_2690 Unphased_Show_2720George Taylor’s Mk1 Derby walked away with a Top 10 prize after lots of work over the winter.

Unphased_Show_2715 Unphased_Show_2714Phil brought his Mk4 R32 out to play.

Unphased_Show_2711 Unphased_Show_2709I’m sure this would suprise an awful lot of cars on the road today!

Unphased_Show_2705No windows, upholstery, carpets or arches made this a sight to see in the rain arriving into the show.

Unphased_Show_2723 Unphased_Show_2724Always nice to see a pristine example of a Splitscreen.

Unphased_Show_2726 Unphased_Show_2727 Unphased_Show_2729 Unphased_Show_2739 Unphased_Show_2740Stefan Edge’s new look went down a storm in our eyes!

Unphased_Show_2736 Unphased_Show_2703 Unphased_Show_2702

Another awesome show held by the Unphased team! We will definately be back next year, maybe with a campover the night before!?